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Randi Miller responds to TDD questions

County Commissioner Randi Miller, Republican candidate for Mayor, has responded to several questions from Tulsans for Defending Democracy:

TDD: If elected would you support a change in Tulsa's form of government? Specifically, what is your current position regarding the recent proposal regarding "at-large" councilors?

Miller: No I would not.

TDD: On or about October 27, 2005 your name appeared on the web site of at-large charter change proponents Tulsans for Better Government (TBG), listing you as a member of its Advisory Board under the heading "Who We Are." Are you a member of TBG's Advisory Board and do you support their petition drive?

Miller: No I am not a member.

TDD: On November 10, 2005, you attended the press conference announcing the formation of Tulsans Defending Democracy (TDD). Members of TDD report that you told them that you were going to announce that you were not in favor of the at-large petition drive of TBG, and request to have your name removed from the TBG web site. Is this accurate?

Miller: Yes.

TDD: If your answer is yes, are you aware that your name is still identified as a member of TBG’s Advisory Board on its web site? If your answer is yes, why did you not have your name removed?

Miller: Yes I am aware it is still on there, but to my knowledge that board does not exist. So there was no need to have it removed. I am not on the new one.

TDD: In his Urban Tulsa Weekly column for 1/26/06, Michael Bates states the following:

“Regarding the form of government, Miller tried to explain away her membership on the board of Tulsans for Better Government (TBG), the group that was founded for the express purpose of circulating a petition to change the charter by replacing three council districts with three seats elected at-large. She said that she was asked to be a member of the advisory board, and that at-large councilors were discussed, and that didn’t necessarily mean that she was for or against the idea.”

In the Tulsa World for 1/21/06 a report of the same meeting states as follows:

“Another Republican contender, County Commissioner Randi Miller, said she served on the advisory board of Tulsans for Better Government, which was circulating a petition to try to change the council's makeup.

"That doesn't mean I would support it or not support it just because I have served as an adviser to a committee," she said.

"We do need to look at our form of government. If it can be better, I will support changes. But it has to be proven to me that it can be better."

Are these reports accurate?

If your answer is yes, please explain why your serving on the advisory board of TBG means you do not necessarily support the petition drive proposed by TBG.

Miller: I am not serving on the board. I was only willing to look into the possibility of a city manager form of government.

TDD: What you were told and by whom that caused you to authorize TBG to include your name as a member of its advisory board.

Miller: I was asked to be an adviser for a more efficient government which in my opinion was city manager form.

No answer provided by candidate.

TDD: In connection with you being a member of TBG’s advisory board, please disclose what advise and recommendations you have given to it.

Miller: I have not ever had any contact with them other than the original phone call.

TDD: Are you prepared to say the initiative petition process proposal by Tulsans for Better Government was NOT a good way to change the city charter?

Miller: I need more information on this.

TDD: Do you think the proposal by Tulsans for Better Government was divisive?

Miller: Yes, it appeared to be.

TDD: If elected, what will you do to prevent or stop bad or divisive proposals?

Miller: I would take that on a case by case basis.


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