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Chris Medlock responds to TDD questions

City Councilor Chris Medlock, Republican candidate for Mayor, has responded to several questions from Tulsans for Defending Democracy:

TDD: If elected would you support a change in Tulsa's form of government?

Medlock: I pledged the day I announced for office that I would commit to a two year study to determine if Tulsa would be better suited with a Strong Council/City Manager form of government, like Oklahoma City has. I will only commit to a study, as I believe that our current form of government is just now starting to mature.

TDD: Specifically, what is your current position regarding the recent
proposal regarding "at-large" councilors?

Medlock:No. I would not support any form of city council that altered the current make up of the city council, under a strong mayor form of government.

TDD: Are you prepared to say the initiative petition process proposal by Tulsans for Better Government was NOT a good way to change the city charter?

Medlock: I support the use of initiative petitions, even when I don’t agree with the effort behind the petition.

TDD: Do you think the proposal by Tulsans for Better Government was divisive?

Medlock: Given the timing of the petition, just before filing for a very important mayoral city election, their actions were very divisive. It would have been more appropriate to wait until after the election to work with the new council and mayor.

TDD: If elected, what will you do to prevent or stop bad or divisive

Medlock: What any good mayor would do. I would try to meet with the group behind the effort, listen to their proposal, and if I disagreed with their effort, to take a strong stand against it.

TDD: If you are opposed to changing Tulsa's form of government by adding at-large councilors, please describe your past efforts and future plans to stop this proposal.

Medlock: I have spoken publicly against the effort and signed my name to a petition of opposition. I have attended several meetings of the opposition, too.

TDD: If you are opposed to changing Tulsa's form of government by adding at-large councilors will you commit now to this position even if the Citizen's Commission on the Structure of Tulsa?s government appointed by Mayor LaFortune recommends some form of at-large council representation.

Medlock: Yes. I believe the commission’s effort will produce some interesting positions to be added to any future study, but I would not support their conclusions, without considerably more study.


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